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Property Management Typically property management is defined as the managing of property that is owned by another party or entity.  The overseeing of residential, commercial and/or industrial real estate includes:

Detached houses
Condominium units
Shopping centers

The needs of every client are very specific and the scope of services can range from direction to legal services, rent collection and communication with tenants. Property management is a separate but equal opportunity to delegate and diversify your already thriving Real Estate portfolio.


Tenant/Landlord mediation and communication

As an intermediary, problem solving is key. Prompt and professional attention to any matter alleviates conflict. No detail is too small and success comes with open communications.

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Missy DeMille


Bookkeeping and Accountability 

Tax implications, business expenses and facilities management are just a few of the aspects needing navigation on a daily basis. Systems and proper management set the course to grow your investment portfolio.

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Missy DeMille


Systems implementation and referrals

Joining forces with experienced professionals in the financial field is paramount. Delegation amongst a team is necessary to keep your business running smoothly. Personal referrals are a strong factor in this segment.

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Missy DeMille


Navigating today's fast paced market can be challenging for even the most seasoned professional/investor

Timing can be everything and whether you're just starting out or expanding your portfolio, Missy has the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your goals. There are several opportunities to generate income through Real Estate acquisition.
Property Listings

Multi family / rental property acquisitions

Open Sign

Small business opportunities


Renovation & Rehab for profit

Strategy, research and planning are key when looking to buy, sell or rent income property.

Rental properties are just one facet of income producing Real Estate .

Missy is tenacious and relentless when it comes to guiding you on your path to ultimate success.


Real Estate can yield several opportunities to generate an income. Seasoned investor or just starting out, let's put a plan together for whatever your investment goals may be

Buying, selling or leasing exclusively for your business? Missy has the tools and experience to navigate this process

Tenant/landlord issues, maintenance, marketing, portfolio management and several other services are available as part of my property management business

Investment Counseling

Commercial Real Estate

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Glass Buildings

By definition Commercial Real Estate is property that is used exclusively for business-related purposes or to provide a workspace rather than as a living space, which would instead constitute residential real estate.

Most often, commercial real estate is leased to tenants to conduct income-generating activities. These acquisitions and the lending practices that surround them can be lengthy processes. Missy will work with you and within your parameters to locate the right fit for your business.


Selling a commercial property is challenging but with proper and timely marketing as well as the support of the right lender and plan of action, MIssy will make the transaction seem effortless. Professionalism and cooperation with Associate Brokers is at the forefront of these very detailed negotiations.

Develop Strategy

Research & Plan

Final Result

High level negotiations and research

Client driven objectives

Market knowledge and demographics key

Residential Area

Property Management

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